When I Stopped Keeping Secrets

A few things happened.

At first, it felt a little bit like walking down the street with no bra and bare feet, which is a memory dream I have from time to time (less and less, though). I just mean it was uncertain and scary and even a little humiliating to open up and just tell the truth about who I am, where I’ve been, when I’ve made mistakes, what I want, and why I am the way I am.

What happened was not what I expected, and it actually has completely changed me.

When I stopped keeping secrets about my own life, I discovered the absolute freedom, pure joy, and unconditional love that comes when you live in a world where you know who your community is and the fear of judgment from beyond that community doesn’t shut you down. I’m not perfect. Nobody is. From the moment we enter the world, we face problems, and all we can do is our very best to navigate them.

Trying your very best doesn’t have to be a story you never tell. It’s probably the one the world is waiting to hear.

The stories you lived, the ones that changed you forever in all the best of ways but that you think you might not be a main character anyone would root for, those are the stories that change lives. Those stories changed you, why not let them change someone else too?

That’s what Breaking Old News: Above the Fold is all about. I am so excited to share more about the first book and the writing movement that goes with it very soon.

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