Young Love

Rows and rows of diamonds lined the countertop,
you were here to sell instead of shop,
and I should have tried harder to make you stop.
We were still so new,
and they threw that ring from a life before me and you
across the counter and paid what was due.
You sold it to help me pay rent, never mind what it meant.
You laughed when I cried and said,
“If she’d never cheated and lied, there would be no you and I.”
And since you were right, I didn’t argue.
(I should try that more often I know)
But fighting is just my heart’s way of reminding you how new it is to love.
I wasn’t crying for the wife who walked out on her life with you.
I cried because of how easily you give your love away,
and because I wasn’t sure if I would even stay.
And no matter the before because we have ever after,
I’m glad I stuck around for our life of love, and tears, and laughter
because on the days when my heart is a hollowed out drum,
I know that I can come to you, and it will beat again.

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