Write Yourself Well Again Coming Soon


One thing I have learned on my Writing Myself Well Again journey is that wellness requires you to do the work. It’s not JUST a state of mind. It’s a lifestyle, and you have to plan for it, strategize around it, and be intentional about it. 

As part of that process, TeamPI (Paige & Izzy) are putting into practice a monthly mini Wellness with Writing Workshop series that we designed just for the two of us, where we carve out an entire day every month. We write together, self-care together, and work through goals, strategies, and reflections in all areas of wellness, from our faith life to our health, fitness, and financial wellbeing. 

We did this on Sunday. We prepped by spending Saturday getting our home into the shape that we enjoy it in most (clean, that is), and then we spent each chunk of Sunday in a different part of our home and backyard so that we could remember to intentionally practice gratitude for the space we are so blessed to be living our life out of.  

We prayed together. We wrote together. We planned together. We set goals together. And we committed to holding each other accountable this time next month. 

This Writing Our Life Well Again idea is one we’ll continue to develop together, and it comes from my belief that spending time with your own story, and sharing it with others when your heart is ready, can heal your bruises and even lighten your scars.

I don’t just think that you can Write Yourself Well Again, I know it firsthand. I’ve done it. I will always be a work in progress with goals to achieve and flaws to work through, but my heart is well again, my mind is well again, and my spirit is well again in spite of the ongoing challenges of life.

In 2021, we lost two pregnancies, and I spent almost a year recovering. I drank too much, I ate too much of the wrong things, and I withdrew from family and friends on and off for far too long. I’m still not “over it.” When I lost a third pregnancy to miscarriage a few weeks ago, I worried I would repeat the same journey and lose another year. The hope I found is that the last time, though it took me much longer than I would have preferred, I learned so much on that darker road.

So this time, though I wasn’t expecting another loss, I was ready if it happened because I can Write Myself Well Again, and it’s a lifestyle, not a short-term crash course you do once and leave behind.

Soon, very soon, I’ll be sharing the practice with you, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share this gift. 

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