The potted plant named Marcello that is somehow still alive

This is Marcello, 

he is mostly green, 

and a little brown and yellow, 

keeping him alive is tough 

But I can tell, though, 

He is resilient.

He was a hard sell, 

I didn’t want him at first,

I thought if I fell 

It would just be the worst, 

Because everything in my garden always died.

No matter the size, or if I kept it inside, 

I never learned how to plant roots no matter how hard I tried

Love was just a seed I couldn’t sow, a song I’d never know, a way I just didn’t go,

So how did it come alive in a pot beneath my dusty window?

See the thing about Marcello 

He looks right through my brown and my yellow

Knows that I laugh when I can’t muster a bellow, 

Hears my heart say yes when my fear is screaming hell no

And when my arms are too weak to shoulder my own sorrow

He carries it in his

He soaks my tears into the soil at his feet

Says despite what we’ve lost, we won’t admit defeat,

Wanting something more doesn’t mean we’re incomplete

Who knows what can bloom in a womb filled with hope?

He reminds me to watch the sun rise

Not just the sun set

Says there’s no good answer for all your “whys”

But that doesn’t mean you should forget

Yesterday’s rainfall is why we get to live 

Digging out what used to be

And making the bed, 

Never came easy to me

So he just makes it instead

Every day, while I pick up the pieces again

I’ll never know how he can be so mellow

Why he brightens every time I sing Adele, oh,

It’s not really singing, it’s more like a yell, so,

My love, my little Marcello,

Maybe for us, the thing 

I can do really well is grow

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