Season of Faith

For 40 days and 40 nights, we wash away our sins.

We give up all the things we love, and hope that He’ll forgive

When we drink or when we think He might not even exist.

And when we bruise our knees each night, we rattle off our list

Of all the good we’ve done that day and pray that it’s enough

To clean a slate and wipe away our failure through His love.

We thank Him for the days gone by and promise Him we trust

That in the end the faith we spend returns us to His dust.

We borrow hope so that we can cope with the direction our lives went.

We borrow forgiveness, then play witness to a life that we were meant.

We borrow today and hear when we pray, we’re not broken, only bent.

We borrow pain, but joy remains because of the Son that He once Lent.

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